Too many colors!

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Ok so maybe painting isn’t high up on your list of fun things  to do! Setting aside  a little time and having the right supplies  you will change a  ho hum room into something that you love.

 I’d have to say there is nothing better than a new coat of paint in a room to transform it! For the price of a gallon of paint and a few hours preparing the room anyone can really personalize any room in their house. 

Make sure you have all your supplies handy before you start your project. Old sheets are great for drop cloths In addition to plastic to lay out.

If possible buy the best brush you can afford, it will make all the difference in applying the paint. Painters tape is great to use around doorways and trim to help to keep your paint off those areas.

 Once the walls are painted Scotch makes a great “gentle tape” which you can buy in either purple or pink to apply to you walls when you are ready to paint your trim. You can purchase that tape HERE.

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We have been using Sherwin Williams paints in the updating of our new home in Virginia.

Our new house was  painted years ago in a flat white throughout, so we knew a little bit of color would definitely make a difference.
After studying the hundreds of colors we narrowed down our search and found colors we loved.

The main living area is open so we wanted a color palette that would blend nicely.
 Sherwin Williams  paints cover well and it’s always easy cleanup.  Their perks  program allows you to qualify for discounts . Their data base records of all your paints purchased the last 10 years! Stay tuned for upcoming posts to showcase the colors we picked!

I hope this post you will inspire to transform your own rooms! 

That fabric I loved!

Ever  order fabric online based on the design and color?

I came across a fabric I loved and ordered online.

.The material arrived and as much as I loved it I knew as soon as I saw it the design was way too big for basic chair seats. A solid green leather look material was bought for the chair seats instead.

I recently came across the material I had stashed away for another project someday while I was packing for our pending move.

I really hoped I could use it somewhere in the redo of the house we had bought.

With an open floor plan the fabric with all it’s colors will be perfect for The palette I wanted to use.

Home Ec.  was  offered when  I was in high school and to this day so glad I signed up for that 45 minute class! I certainly haven’t tackled huge projects but have been able to make the occasional Halloween costume and basic curtains.

Everyone should  maybe give sewing basic projects a try! Youtube has made it so easy to learn anything you want!

Some sewing stores even offer how to classes that might be offered in your area.  Online you can find directions as well as how to’s for a curtain project.

As you can see from the photo I used my Cricut mat and cutter. The Cricut machine and products are a great addition to your tools for crafting.

Stay tuned for a post on just how I paid for my Cricut with my first project!

Here is the link to learn how to make curtains: