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Blue Ridge Parkway

Mabry Mill


January is here and along with the first month of the new year are new year’s resolutions. I decided this year one resolution   I would make and hopefully follow through with  would be to learn more about the new area we have moved to. 

With January enjoying some unseasonable warm temperatures we decided to explore a little this past Sunday.

The Blue Ridge Parkway is only 5 minutes from our new place. Some may have traveled the Parkway and can agree it is a beautiful highway stretching 469 miles from Virginia through North Carolina. 

The Park Service maintains it with seasonal schedules   for restaurants and gift shops along the way. There is no winter maintenance so at times there could be sections of the parkway closed!

Here is a link for some great information on the  Parkway!

Along the  Parkway are mile markers for places of interest, look out areas and camping and trails. 

This link shows a great map of the 469 miles and places you can stop.

We can enter the parkway at mile marker  171.5, the Chateau Morristte winery is located here  and only drive 5 miles and arrive at Mawbry Mill. This is a beautiful place to stop and take a walk around the trail that winds around  the mill and other out buildings. There are even signs to read about the history of this mill. As we were leaving there was a couple  with their photographer posing for  engagements photos.  It certainly lives up to it’s name abut being the most photographed spot on the Parkway!

Click here to read a little history of the famous stop!

So as we begin a new year I challenge each of you to look around and take a trip & see someplace new. I’m guessing you won’t really have to go that far!

Thanks for reading and be sure to leave a comment about your favorite place.


P.S. Stay tuned for my next blog post “The Fine Art of Waiting”! 

The Donkey!

As many of you know we have had several llamas over the years. Our plan with the move was to bring Tommy, the llama with us. However he died the end of August.

(John feels it was the same thing we lost the other ones to: Meningeal Worm.)

Unable to find a llama near our new place John researched donkeys. They are also known to be guard animals to sheep. I have to admit I know very little about donkeys! After finding a farm nearby who had them for sale the owner showed us a couple to choose from. Once the decision was made she commented on the “ Jerusalem Cross” on her back. Another fact about donkeys that I  never knew and once able to,  googled it to see exactly what she meant! It was a fascinating fact that I’m sure many don’t know!

Jerusalem Donkey

  The bible says that Mary rode a donkey into Bethlehem before giving birth to the baby Jesus.    We see this today in most Nativity scenes where a donkey is standing or bedded close by the manger keeping watch over the new family.    Then, on Palm Sunday Jesus rode into Jerusalem for the last time on a donkey.  The religious significance of the donkey is expressed in Christianity, Judaism and Islam.  The King, riding the lowly donkey, is seen as a symbol of peace and salvation.

You may have heard of the legend of the “Jerusalem Donkey”.  It goes something like this – after he brought Jesus into Jerusalem the donkey was troubled because he knew what Jesus was about to go through with his trial, suffering and death on the cross. The donkey seeing the sad treatment of Jesus wished he had been able to carry the cross; after all, it was his job to carry man’s burdens. The donkey could not bear to watch and turned away but in his concern stayed nearby as Jesus endured his torture.  God saw this and caused the shadow of the cross to fall across the little donkey’s back and he has carried the sign of the cross ever since as a symbol of God’s love.

The delivery went smoothly but the donkey wanted nothing to do with John and especially the sheep the first day or two. Eventually with some coaxing John was able to get it to the section of pasture where the sheep graze.

After a few hours of the sheep being terrified of something new in the pasture and the donkey being terrified as well of her new surroundings they have finally adjusted!  They are even hanging out together now!

Meet Clara the donkey! And yes she has the cross on her back.

Sheep Moving & Sam the Ram

Moving the sheep was one of the many steps to this move.

Once we arrived with the second truck load  we got things unpacked. The next big step to this move was the arrival of the sheep.

Fortunately for John he found a very dependable driver. He was able to get  the sheep loaded at our house and deliver them to their new home in Floyd. With the help of our neighbor they got 28 sheep loaded pretty quickly! A text sent to John confirmed they were on their way.

It was about an 8-9 hour trip and they finally arrived about 4:00 that afternoon.

With my son and family only a little an hour away they decided to drive down and welcome the sheep once the truck arrived.

It was a huge relief once we saw the truck come down the driveway. The plan was to have him back into the barn area and open the back of his truck. We were all hoping this would go as planned and believe it or not it did!

As you can hear from the video Margaret  cheered once they all jumped off!

Click on “ They made it” and you can watch the video!

They made it!

Sam the Ram arrived yesterday!

Sam the Ram And the adventure continues; the donkey is coming next week. There is an ongoing contest of names for this donkey so stay tuned!

The Move Part 1!

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3 Men & a Truck!

Many of you are familiar with the moving company that you can hire to help move you.

They provide 3 Men ( 4 if you’re lucky) and the moving truck. They come into your home and in a short time can have your furniture wrapped in plastic & cover with blankets.

The men can load a truck at record speed while keeping your valuables safe.  They will drive their truck to your new home and unload your possessions to all the correct rooms.

With family members moving in the last few months they highly recommended this company! Unfortunately in Fryburg we don’t have that luxury but we have the next best thing.

Boxes were packed and furniture wrapped in plastic in preparation for the packing. We rented a Penske truck. When John arrived with it our help had already arrived!

Our 3 Men & a Truck consisted of our Amish neighbors. They arrived right on time and were ready to help!

We knew they would be a great help but didn’t realize what quick work they would make of loading a moving truck!

They are not  a custom to the amount of “ stuff” a family can accumulate. They do speak German between themselves and could have very easily been complaining but I would never have known!

With having a couple yard sales we did clean out however we still had a full load! They finished by noon and lunch was provided. Once finished they left in their buggies.

The trip started out early the next morning with 2 drivers taking turns and with the Subaru driven by me!  We arrived at the Floyd house mid afternoon and began to unload at least a small portion of it.

Once the truck was unloaded the next day  with the help from John & Joe it was returned to the nearby Penske rental.

Knowing we have to do this a couple more times is rather tiring to think about but most of the household items are here.

John however still has many “ treasures” in his work shop that a person can not part with which will be packed next load!

A couple things we found to make the packing easier can be found on Amazon here!

Thanks for all the well wishes on this move, we really appreciate it.

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Happy Fall everyone and enjoy this beautiful weather,


Good Morning Floyd

When my husband and I decided on this house I have to admit the view was one of the best things about the house.

Floyd County Virginia is a small area in Southwest Virginia.It is about an hour and a half from the North Carolina State Line.

We had been scouring the area for about 2.5 years and finally found this place.

The town of Floyd is a must see while traveling the Blue Ridge Parkway. The Main Street has a hardware store that has beautifully decorated windows to go along with the seasons! A chocolate shop is near by with the most amazing chocolates you can buy!

Floyd Country store is just around the corner and is famous for it’s live music on Saturday nights! Daily specials are offered at the lunch counter in addition to ice cream and a variety of delicious desserts.

Stop in & browse the art studios.Live music is almost always an attraction on the weekends near the park. If you are hungry there are many choices to enjoy a meal.

If sewing or quilting is your thing an old school house was transformed into 3 floors of fabrics and notions. The seamstress will not be disappointed with a stop here.

One of the biggest wineries in Virginia is located just 6 miles outside of Floyd. Chatteu Morissette offers tours of their winery as well as a restaurant & music under a tent every Sunday in the summer!

So as you can see there are many reasons to turn off the Blue Ridge Parkway when you see that sign for Floyd!

Courage to Start

The time has come when I have decided to begin the blogging journey with my recent retirement and move to Virginia. We have lived in our present home for 30 plus years and has been the perfect place to raise our 3 children but as everyone knows things change, children grow up and move away and you look at things through different eyes! The reason for the move from PA to Virginia is to be closer to our children and grandchildren. I don’t have to tell any of you how fast the time seems to go, especially as we get older. My hope in writing this blog will have you follow along on our journey as we fix up the retirement home we found! Of course it wouldn’t be my journey unless I add favorite recipes, baking & a mix of decorating tips and ideas!

The title of this blog sums up how I feel as we approach the fall season with so many of you possibly facing new job starts, new school years for you or your children and maybe even retirement!

I have included this great quote  from Walt Disney that pretty much sums up this very first blog post of mine!

Thanks for reading,