Hydrangeas are the last pops of summer color that actually get more beautiful as the days get cooler.

If you are lucky enough to have them in your yard you will agree.

Hydrangeas, a shrub that you can enjoy all summer long into the fall depending on the variety. 
Garden Design explains below just how hydrangeas can fit into your landscaping.


Hydrangeas can play many roles in the garden, from hedges and screens to container plants. They especially shine in borders because they “play so well with others,” says Cheryl Whalen, head gardener at White Flower Farm. “But,” Whalen adds, “hydrangeas are also excellent solo performers,” which is good news for gardeners with small spaces.

White-flowered varieties create the illusion of snowballs in summer.
Mass pink and blue types with similarly-colored garden phlox (Phlox paniculata selections) and lilies for a visual confection of candy colors.
Blue varieties look like sapphires against a gray wall or set alongside a slate patio.
Bigleaf hydrangeas make imposing container plants – feature a pair in large urns.
Panicle hydrangeas can be maintained as good-sized “trees” in large pots.

Remember hydrangeas in containers will need extra watering. Learn how to grow a hydrangea tree.
Oakleaf hydrangeas are the boldest and have the coarsest texture, lending visual strength to shrub borders and woodland plantings.

As you can see there are several varieties to choose from. The photo above shows the variety Pinky Winky which we planted in our front yard. It has done very well in our clay soil and zone 5 ( cold side!)

One nice bonus with hydrangeas you can easily dry them for even longer enjoyment.

Too many colors!
That fabric I loved!

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