Sweet Autumn Clematis

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As summer draws to an end this beautiful climbing hydrangea just begins to bloom.

We had previously had roses planted in this spot but over the years realized they just didn’t work in addition most roses require a lot of maintenance work.

We bought & planted Sweet autumn Clematis! This type of Clematis grows up a lattice. Similar to other varieties however  this one blooms  much later.

The plant dies back in the winter. The dead vines should  be cut back to about 12 inches from the ground usually in early spring.

This lush plant grows well through the summer with occasional trims to keep it on the lattice. Tying the vine to the lattice as it grows will keep it from falling.

The buds of the flowers begin appearing in mid to late August and you can count on small white flowers covering most of the vine. The scent attracts a few hummingbirds and bees.

A beautiful climber without too much fuss.

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