Picking fruit with the right tools

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With the arrival of fall comes the  time to harvest a variety of apples, pears and other fruits.

After gathering  up your baskets and equipment you need it’s time to head to the orchard to pick.

Depending on the size of your orchard there are a few ways to get fruit from the tress.

The first and probably easiest is to spread  out a sheet or tarp under the trees. Shaking the limbs will cause fruit  to fall.  The fruit can be gathered up and put in baskets or bowls.

As a result of  some of the fruit falling you will need to check  for bruised fruit and discard in your compost bin or leave to wildlife.

The tool we used worked to pick pears that were out of our reach was a fruit picker.

This  handy fruit picker  is perfect for those hard to reach limbs. The hook will wrap around the fruit and with a  gentle tug will release  your fruit into  the basket.

This was a pretty quick way to be able to pick your fruit which then can be put easily into your baskets.

Apples should be stored in boxes lined with foil or plastic to retain moisture at 32 degrees. Store apples separate from other fruit due to the gases that apples give off.

Ripen pears  by placing them in a room at 60 to 65°F for 1 to 3 weeks. The fruit is soft and a yellow-green color once it is ripe.  Store in  refrigerator at 29 to 32°F and 90% humidity.

Take  an afternoon and pick  fall fruit for winter enjoyment.

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